Helpie FAQ

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Getting Started

  • Do I need an account to create Directory Listings?

    Yes. It is necessary to Register for an account in order to create, submit and manage Business Listings, Event Listings and Online Listings. There is no cost to register. However, there are fees for Premium Directory Listings.

  • How much does it cost to create a Directory Listing?

    We offer a variety of listing options and prices to position your business in the Tampa Bay Directory.

    Click here to view the current listing fees.

  • I have several businesses. Do I need to create a separate account in order to create multiple directory listings?

    No. It is not necessary to create a separate account. You are able to create, submit and manage as many listings as you’d like under one account.

  • Where do I enter a "Discount Code"?

    You must fill out your chosen listing, click on the Submit Listing button, then a Discount Code can be entered during the Checkout Process.

  • How do I claim a listing already in the Tampa Bay Directory?

    If there is a business that is already listed in the directory and has yet to be claimed, there will be a “Claim Listing” button in the listing itself that the current Owner or Designated Agent of the business listed can click on to claim it.

    You must be a registered user of to claim a listing, otherwise, when you try to claim a listing while not logged in it will just take you to the directory’s home page.